U.S. Pond Hockey Championships underway in Minneapolis

They say it's the way hockey was meant to be played, outdoors on the pond. The 10th annual U.S. Pond Hockey Championships are now underway at Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis, Minn. They will run through Sunday, Jan. 18.

And with more than 200 teams coming in from all over, the weather could not be any better for this event.

"10 years of great pond hockey," Jim Dahline, public relations for the event, said. "It's tradition, it's fun, and we're just getting started. The ice looks great, I don't think we could ask for anything better."

Justin Doerr, captain of one of the teams, said he comes all the way from St. Louis each year just for this tournament.

"I practice all year round for these four days," Doerr said. "We brought in our Minnesota muscle this year."