Train hits car stuck on tracks in Minnesota snowstorm as bystanders try to push

Three bystanders tried to help push a car stuck on the railroad tracks during Tuesday morning’s snowstorm in Ravenna Township, Minnesota, but the train hit the car with the driver still inside. According to the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office, the driver only suffered minor injuries.

Deputies received a call at 4:41 a.m. Tuesday about a car stuck on the railroad tracks by Ravenna Trail and Polk Avenue. While en route, deputies requested that dispatch contact Canadian Pacific Railway to have them stop all trains on that track.

Deputies learned there were three bystanders trying to push the car off the tracks while the owner of the vehicle was inside. A short time later, dispatch alerted deputies that a train had hit the car.

“Thank you to the citizens that stopped to assist,” the sheriff’s office said. “If it were not for them this could have potentially had a different outcome for the driver.”

The Dakota County Sheriff’s Office has identified one of the bystanders that tried to help push the car off the tracks, but they are currently seeking the other two so they can recognize them for this heroic act.