'This is not normal:' Goats on the loose in East Bay neighborhood

This time of year it's pretty common to find grass-eating goats on the hillsides, munching on dry weeds and shrubs to help clear brush during high-fire season in California.

It's not that typical to see a herd of goats bleating through residential neighborhoods.

But that's what happened on Wednesday in Contra Costa County's Brentwood on Hawthorne Drive and Atherton Boulevard. 

WATCH: Goats on the loose in Brentwood

Egan Lim captured the odd scene on camera. He can be heard saying, "Goats on the loose. This is not normal."

Turns out, these goats were being used for fire abatement, but escaped. Luckily, workers were finally able to round them up and take them back to graze. 

Across California and the West, goats have been increasingly dispatched to overgrown patches of land to devour excess vegetation and help create firebreaks.

Thanks to their voracious appetites and ability to navigate rugged terrain, the Sierra Club notes—goats can eat up to 10 pounds of vegetation per day.