'They break this window, I will shoot someone': 911 transcript released in crash outside Minnesota State Fair

Shortly after 10 p.m. Monday, police received reports that a pedestrian was struck by a car on Snelling Avenue and Fair Place West near the fairgrounds. Officials arrived to a chaotic scene and found a 19-year-old woman lying on the ground, gravely injured.

Police learned a fight broke out shortly before the woman was hit by a car. According to police, the woman was in a car, got out, and was then struck by another car.

The driver who struck her felt unsafe because the crowd was banging on his car, so he drove off and called 911.

911 Transcript


CALLER: Hello 911?

D: What's the address of your emergency?

CALLER: I'm in front of the state fair. I just hit someone. She jumped out in front of my car.

D: Ok, where are you? Where are you?

CALLER: I'm in front of the state fair. Just down the street from the main entrance.

D: Ok, you're on Snelling?

CALLER: There's a huge crowd. They been kick...they're kickin' my car.

D: Where...

CALLER: I'm armed. I do have a sidearm.

D: Ok

CALLER: I can defend myself if necessary.

D: I need to know exactly where you are, sir

CALLER: I don't know. I'm in front, I'm down...I'm north of the main gate on Snelling Avenue.

D: North of the gate? Hang on for me

CALLER: Yes. [yelling, screaming in background]

CALLER: Please, the cops...I can see them down there. They're with another group. Please send someone quickly.

D: Hang on for me. You need to keep yourself safe.

CALLER: I'm a little beside myself.

D: Hang on! Hang on for me.

CALLER: I'm tryin'!

D: Hang on sir!

CALLER: Should I leave? You better send a cop to get here quick, I'mma kill this dude.

D: No! Do not...

D: Hang on

CALLER: They break this window I will shoot someone.

D: No, you need...

MEDICS: Fire and Medical emergency...

D: If you need to drive away. Do not shoot anybody. I have the driver, vehicle versus pedestrian at Snelling [...] He is armed and they are kicked his car. They are attacking his car.

MEDICS: Ok. Alright, I understand. Is this Snelling and Fair Place or Snelling and Larpenteur?

CALLER: Snelling. It's, it's, it's Snelling. I've got a cop right in front of me.

D: Snelling and Fair.

MEDICS: Ok, Alright. Ok, I understand. Um, we do have this call ok? I will do ahead and let the police officers handle it.

D: Ok

MEDICS: Alright, thank you.

D: Sir?


D: Ok, are you out with a police officer?

CALLER: No, I...I...I'm in my car.

D: Ok, have they dispersed?

CALLER: They're back there with the person I hit. I'm still in my car.

D: Ok, how far down are you?

CALLER: From the main gate? I'm about two blocks.

D: From the main gate? Ok. Hang on for me sir.


D: Are there officers out with that person?

CALLER: There, there, there's an officer right here. This kid's yelling at me. You better tell this guy to get away from my car.

D: If you...if you need to, drive away


CALLER: Where, where , where would you like me to go?

D: I need you to...

CALLER: I'm gonna go to the Arby's down the street.

D: Ok, get yourself safe. I don't want you to have to shoot anyone.

CALLER: I'm gonna go to the Arby's down the street.

D: Ok


D: You're in the lot now? Ok


CALLER: If you want you can tell the officers that I'm gonna keep my sidearm in the glove box so they don't have to worry about it.

D: Ok. You're putting it in the glove box?


D: Ok

CALLER: That way they don't have to worry about approaching someon with a gun on 'em

D: Ok, appreciate that.

[Severe weather sounds - hail hitting car for several minutes]


D: You see an officer?

CALLER: Yeah, they're puling in front of me right now.


[Off phone - "Hi are you the one in the accident?" Yes. "Ok. How come you left?" The dispatcher told me to]

[Call ends]