Tennis ball-sized hail reported as storm pass through southern Minnesota

Hail larger than a golf ball fell in Lonsdale, Minnesota on June 17, 2021. (Nick and Amanda Elms)

Strong storms pushing through parts of southern Minnesota are bringing some large hail with them Thursday evening.

In Lonsdale, Minnesota and nearby Webster, FOX 9 has received several reports and photos of hail ranging in size up to tennis ball and golf ball size.

The storms in that area were part of a front that has moved through during the evening hours. Along with hail, there were also reports of strong winds as the storms moved east.

The storms came as a severe thunderstorm watch was in effect for much of southern Minnesota. That watch remains until 1 a.m. But, as the evening goes on, the severe weather will continue to push southeast towards Iowa.

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Hail larger than a golf ball fell in Webster, Minnesota on June 17, 2021.