Tankers carrying ethanol derail in Fairmont, Minnesota

No injuries have been reported after four tankers carrying ethanol derailed on Wednesday in Fairmont, Minnesota.

The Martin County Sheriff's Office reports they responded at about 2 p.m. for the derailment on County Road 39 near County Road 26 in the northwest end of the city.

At the scene, officers found eight cars had gone off the tracks and four had overturned.

Video shared by Tracie Schumann shows the scary moments the cars went off the rails. Schumann tells FOX 9 she was waiting at the tracks when she noticed the trouble. She says she tried to turn around but was blocked in by vehicles behind her, which weren't moving, and dividers in the road.

The video she shared online shows something along the tracks that appears to disrupt the cars, sending several off the tracks and ultimately rolling over. Schumann says shortly after the video ends she was able to quickly get to safety.

The sheriff's office says the area is closed off to traffic and cleanup is underway. The area is expected to be closed for some time. They have not determined a cause for the crash.