'Swatting' incident has local law enforcement concerned in Alexandria

The Alexandria Police Department is investigating what they believe to be the dangerous practice of “swatting” after an incident Thursday.

Swatting is when an individual calls the police to notify them of an emergency at another person’s home. These threats often include firearms or other major threats, requiring a SWAT team response.

The goal of swatting is usually to harass another individual by having SWAT teams respond to their location.

Thursday, Douglas County Dispatch received what they believe is one of those calls. An unidentified male claimed he had assaulted a female at his residence with a firearm. The caller also refused to identify themselves and then disconnected the call.

Douglas County SWAT made entry into the home on the 1200 block of Hawthorne Street to make sure everyone inside was safe. No injuries were reported during this incident.

“The Alexandria Police Department would like to reiterate that this behavior is not only potentially dangerous and causes an unnecessary burden on the community and its resources, it is also unlawful,” said Alexandria Chief Richard Wyffels in a release Friday.