State Patrol responds to 435 crashes in winter storm, some highways remain closed Thursday morning

The Minnesota State Patrol responded to 435 crashes and 570 spinouts Wednesday into Thursday morning as a high-impact winter storm pummeled the state and made travel dangerous.  

Fifty-five of those crashes involved injuries, none of which were life-threatening. 

The State Patrol said it also responded to 38 jackknifed semis over the course of the storm. 

Gov. Tim Walz activated the Minnesota National Guard on Wednesday night to provide emergency services for motorists stranded during the storm. 

The Minnesota Department of Transportation issued a number of "no travel" advisories Wednesday and closed several state and federal highways due to poor conditions. 

Several of those no travel advisories were lifted as of Thursday morning, but many roads remain closed, most in southern Minnesota. Visit for the full list of road closures.