Single-punch death perpetrator found not guilty of manslaughter

A man charged with throwing a single punch that led to the death of another was found guilty of assault charges and not guilty of manslaughter. 

In a trial that began on Aug. 16, a jury found Emmanuel Ejiro Ogboru, 24, guilty of fifth-degree assault after charges alleged in the early morning hours of July 24, 2021, police responded to North Memorial Medical Center for a reported assault near Lowry Avenue North and Penn Avenue North in Minneapolis.

Witnesses at the hospital reported a fight between multiple people occurred outside a club when a victim, later identified as Awwal Ladipo, was punched and knocked unconscious. X-rays showed Ladipo suffered a skull fracture and had significant bleeding on his brain. He died two days later. 

According to police, investigators obtained videos of the incident taken on cellphones from multiple bystanders. One video depicts Ladipo standing with another man after the initial physical altercation seemingly ended. 

Ogboru then walks up to Ladipo and punches him in the face. He immediately falls straight back onto the ground. His friend then drove him to the hospital.

In Minnesota, a person who commits an act with intent to cause fear in another of immediate bodily harm or death, or intentionally inflicts or attempts to inflict bodily harm upon another is guilty of fifth-degree assault. The penalty for a conviction as a felony is a maximum of five years in state prison.

Sentencing is set for Oct. 24.