Proctor HS football investigation: 'Charging decisions will made carefully'

The St. Louis County Attorney’s Office released its first statement Monday on the criminal investigation involving some members of the Proctor High School football team. The county attorney received the case from Proctor police investigators on Monday 

"This office will conduct a thorough and careful review of the evidence before making any charging decisions," a statement from the St. Louis County Attorney read. "The County Attorney’s Office is aware of the community’s interest and desire to see timely results of the criminal investigation.  The charging decisions will made carefully and without undue delay. Given the amount of evidence to review, it is impossible to commit to a specific timeline. Beyond this, there will be no further comment, and the office will not respond to additional inquiries at this time."

In September, allegations of criminal misconduct against members of the Proctor football team were made public, causing the rest of the season to be canceled.