Prince fans celebrate 65th birthday with dance party at First Avenue

Prince would have turned 65 on June 7, and his fans are celebrating his birthday by dancing the night away at the club he helped make famous

The Dance Electric is a dance party at First Avenue to honor all things Prince, according to organizers of the event.

DJ Dudley D, who worked with him from 1997 until Prince's death in 2016, was the main attraction, spinning tunes to get his purple majesty's fans out on the dance floor.
Organizers expected 700 people from around the world to make a purple pilgrimage to the club to mark the day they now call "Prince Day."

"We really want to celebrate Prince's legacy. He's been gone for seven years and it's his birthday. Let’s lift it up. Celebrate the music. We have First Avenue, the most iconic Prince venue – let's get out there and dance. People are coming into town. Let's celebrate the legacy and celebrate the love," said organizer Mark Bonde before the doors opened.

"To celebrate and honor his birthday, his life, his legacy and just have a great time with all the Prince fans and just continue the legacy by remembering him," said Prince fan Jane Zamora.

'I really wanted to be here and dance and honor the legacy that prince left. He wasn't that big on celebrating birthdays, and yet he always had something going on around his birthday. So even though he didn't celebrate it, there was always something going on around June 7," said Prince fan Sean Woodward.

"I wanted to pay tribute to Prince because he put Minnesota on the map and I love Prince. I love his music. I used to come down here and listen to him and The Time all the time back in the 80's," said Prince fan Marquita Carrollbrown

Several other birthday events are planned this weekend at Paisley Park.