Small Minnesota town where ‘Purple Rain’ was filmed unveils Prince statue

A new life-sized statue of Prince joins a growing tribute on Main Street in Henderson, Minnesota. There’s also a memorial bench and mural. The small Minnesota town about 45 minutes south of the metro is where the famous “that ain’t Lake Minnetonka” scene was filmed for the movie ‘Purple Rain.’ Cinematographer Joel King is the man who spearheaded this project. He worked with Prince on the movie ‘Graffiti Bridge.’ While he grew up in Minneapolis, he moved to Hollywood to work on films. He now lives in Henderson and can often be found sharing stories with tourists at the Prince tribute.

Paisley Park to reopen after three-month hiatus

Some of Minnesota's most prized landmarks are reopening. Paisley Park is excited to welcome back fans with new safety protocols in place. Executive director Alan Seiffert joined the Buzz to chat about what you should expect on your next tour in Chanhassen.

Long-lost Prince guitar headed to the auction block (and may set new record)

Likely the most significant Prince guitar that will ever appear at auction, the Morning Buzz got a special look at Cloud Guitar 2, nicknamed "Blue Angel". Julien's Auctions director Martin Nolan joined us to show off the instrument, gave us his prediction on how much it will sell for, and provided details on where the guitar has been all this time.

An icon turns 50: First Avenue reflects on five decades of music

It may not be the birthday party they imagined, but First Avenue is celebrating its 50th birthday. The very first act took the stage on April 3, 1970 kicking off a storied history. First Avenue president Dayna Frank joined the Morning Buzz to chat about how the birthday celebration is being transformed amid the outbreak, and reflected on the venue's five decades of making music.

Prince wrongful death case dismissed

A wrongful death lawsuit filed by Prince's family members has been quietly dismissed in recent months, suggesting family members have reached settlements with defendants.