Serial groper riding skateboard in Minneapolis, families warn

In recent months some families in Minneapolis say a man on a skateboard has groped several young girls in the area. But they’ve been unable to identify the man, and while police are investigating, as of Tuesday night no one was in custody.

Amy tells FOX 9 that her 11-year-old daughter was outside riding a scooter around 3 p.m. on Oct. 15, when a man on a skateboard came up from behind.

"My daughter came into the house immediately afterward and said something just made me really uncomfortable… as [he was] passing her, they reached out and grabbed her bottom, and then they said something to her, but she couldn’t understand what they said," Amy said. "I was disgusted and upset, and came outside and looked down the street and walked around the block to see if I can find the guy."

Amy says the situation is even more frightening because online on Nextdoor close to a dozen families have described similar run-ins with a person they all believe is the same man. Including back in May, near 47th and 47th, in June, near 51st and Chowen, and in July, near 53rd and Humboldt.

On Tuesday, a Minneapolis police spokesperson said the situation is urgent, and while a couple of the cases have similarities… the department is treating each one as its own separate case, while actively looking for any possible connection between them.

Meanwhile, the situation has forced Amy to have a serious conversation with her daughter, at an all too young age.

"She’s just creeped out. She doesn’t want to stop doing the activities that she likes doing because of this incident," Amy said. "I just let her know that it wasn’t her fault, and she didn’t do anything wrong."