Police: Man shot woman fleeing from car in Plymouth, Minn.

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Two people are dead and several police officers were injured on Friday night in Plymouth, Minn., stemming from what appears to be a domestic violence incident.

According to investigators, the gunman and the woman found dead were living together at the Stonleigh at the Reserve Apartments. The exact motivation for the violence remains unknown, but domestic violence appears to be how Friday’s incidents sparked.

Police were called to the intersection of Northwest Boulevard and Rockford Road around 9:15 p.m. Friday where someone was possibly hit by a vehicle, but once they arrived they found a person who had been shot and killed in the street.

Around 9:30 p.m., police were told there was a man with a gun at the Stoneleigh at the Reserve apartments at 5200 Annapolis Lane. Once they arrived, gunshots were exchanged with the gunman. It is believed that he was wearing body armor during the shooting.

At a news conference Saturday afternoon, the Plymouth police chief said the incident started as the gunman pursued a woman who fled from a vehicle.

The suspect was found shot to death in the apartment stairwell. Police say the gunman has a violent criminal history. Neither the suspect nor the woman found dead at the intersection are being identified. Investigators did reveal that the suspect was carrying multiple weapons and was wearing a tactical vest. Investigators believe the weapon used to fire at officers was a shotgun. It also remains unknown if the suspect was killed by officers or a self-inflicted gunshot.

Two police officers were injured, both were treated and released. One of the officers who was shot was wearing a bulletproof vest.

SWAT teams and multiple agencies responded to both scenes. The Hennepin County sheriff's office is leading the investigation.