Seen and Heard: One-of-a-kind performance combines sight and sound

When we think of music, we often think of sound. But a unique concert recently challenged that notion, bringing lyrics to life in a special way. This was all thanks to a collaboration between singer-songwriter Jeremy Messersmith and local artist Sarah Kraning.

Our Doc 9 team went backstage to capture this once-in-a-lifetime performance, note by note and stroke by stroke.

Sarah has synesthesia, a condition where senses overlap. She experiences sounds as colors, patterns, movement, and texture.

Held at the Grenada Theater in Minneapolis, the concert was a harmonious blend of sight and sound. As Jeremy played, Sarah painted, both artists worked on the "same piece" in their own medium.

Sarah's artwork, deeply inspired by the beauty of music, serves as a personal testament to her unique sensory experience. For those interested, the paintings she created during this concert are available for sale on Sarah Kraning's website.

To discover the music of Jeremy Messersmith, visit his website.

For more information about synesthesia, you can learn more here.