Seen and Heard: One-of-a-kind performance combines sight and sound

When we think of music, we often think of sound. But a unique concert recently challenged that notion, bringing lyrics to life in a special way. This was all thanks to a collaboration between singer-songwriter Jeremy Messersmith and local artist Sarah Kraning.

For the Love of Vinyl

For many years the Vinyl Revival has been taking place within the music industry, as well as with music lovers. Doc 9 shows us, for some, analog never left.

Minnesota Vikings: Showtime!

This is Minnesota Vikings: Showtime! FOX 9's 15 cameras captured more than 35 hours of footage showcasing the work of more than 200 people that bring a Vikings home game to life. Watch the SKOL Line, the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders and engineers behind the scenes put on the best in-game sports entertainment in all of North America.