No, that isn't snow! Coon Rapids breaks out the plows for hail accumulation

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The City of Coon Rapids woke up to an unusual sight Sunday morning, with snowplows clearing the streets--in June.

It wasn't snow blocking roadways this time, it was hail from severe storms that whipped through the Twin Cities area Sunday, causing damage across the state and leaving over 100,000 without power for a short period of time.

Coon Rapids resident Regina Jorde said everything in her yard was covered in hail.

“It was like snow, an inch thick at least. You couldn’t even see the grass. You couldn’t see the driveway. It was all over the car,” she said. “And I thought for sure the windows were going to start breaking.”

After the storm, crews worked overtime to take care of downed trees and flooding.

And lucky for Jorde, she had a little help of her own from her great grandkids.

“I’m glad they came out because there’s really no way I could have done this,” she said.

Crews were able to clear the roadways by Sunday evening, and nobody was injured as a result of poor road conditions, officials said.