Mom personally inspects medical device that saves daughter's life

A Brooklyn Park woman says the medical device that saved her life was inspected by her own mother.

When Bao Lee went to the doctor complaining of shortness of breath and frequent illness, her doctor discovered a large hole in her heart.

"When the doctor told me I had a hole in my heart, I'm like, 'man this is sounding like the stories my mom tells me about the lives they impact at her workplace,'” said Lee.

Her mother, Mai See Vang, has worked at Abbott, formerly St. Jude Medical, for the last 20 years.

“I told them, 'I want the one that I inspect for my daughter -- I want a really good one for my daughter,'” said Vang.

Vang approached her boss and asked if he could help ensure that she was the one to personally inspect her daughter’s life-saving device.

“I kinda knew, 'yep, this is going to be an interesting story for my mom,'” said Lee who received the implant about two years ago.

Vang said she always knew the work she did at Abbott saved lives, but now she has a personal story to tell.

"Sometimes I think about my daughter. I think I better do a better job," Vang said. "I always remind myself"

As for Lee, her health only continues to improve, as does the love for her mother.

"It's neat to know that I'll always have a piece of her a part of me forever,” said Lee.