MN Air National Guard shoots down unidentified object over Lake Huron, Walz confirms

Governor Walz confirmed Sunday that members of the Air National Guard 148th Fighter Wing based out of Duluth, Minnesota shot down the flying object over Lake Huron.

This was part of a federal mission, according to Walz. 

According to a senior U.S. defense official, the object over Lake Huron was shot down at approximately 20,000 feet, FOX News said. The object was very different from the Chinese spy balloon. It was much smaller, and not maneuverable.

"It tracked across the upper peninsula of Michigan. We were cleared to engage the target … and eventually downed the object 15 nautical miles east of the peninsula in Lake Huron," said NORAD Commander General Glen VanHerck. "The fighters were from Madison, Wisconsin, Air National Guard unit."