Missing plane found crashed near Moose Lake, Minnesota airport, one dead

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One person is dead after a plane crashed near the Moose Lake Airport

One person is dead after crashing a plane near the Moose Lake Airport in Carlton County, Minnesota.

The Carlton County Sheriff's Office says they located a plane that had been missing since yesterday in the Moose Horn River, northwest of the airport. The body of a man was recovered at the crash scene. The sheriff's office says they believe it is the body of Thomas Jay Stillwell, 65, of Plymouth, Minnesota. 

The search for the plane began around 8 p.m. Wednesday night when the Federal Aviation Administration contacted both the Carlton County and Pine County sheriff's offices to report a plane, which had filed a flight plan to take off from Moose Lake Carlton County Airport at 4:30 p.m. and land at the Crystal Airport at 5:15 p.m,. was overdue. 

Deputies checked the Cloquet, Moose Lake, and Hinckley Airports but were unable to find the plane, a Mooney model M20J . Futhermore, the plane was not picked up on radar at either the Minneapolis or Duluth towers.

At this time it is unknown when the plane crashed. 

Both the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the crash.