Minnetonka Taco Bell robbery suspect charged

The suspect of the Minnetonka Taco Bell robbery was charged on Friday. 

According to court documents, the suspect, John Bergstrom, entered the Taco Bell as employees were opening the store on Oct. 18. 

Police say Bergstrom approached the store manager and quietly said, "give me the money." Bergstrom then shot his gun at the floor; law enforcement was able to locate the shell casing on the floor of the restaurant and a bullet hole in the baseboard. 

Bergstrom took a cell phone out of the managers hand, and took a cell phone from another employee in the restaurant. 

Bergstrom was then led to a safe and told the manager to take drawers out of the safe, court documents say. 

Law enforcement allege approximately $500 was taken by Bergstrom from the safe. 

One employee was in the bathroom and was informed of the incident over a headset, that employee then called 911. 

Late on the evening of Oct. 18, police located Bergstrom’s car in Minneapolis and attempted a traffic stop. The driver then attempted to flee on a sidewalk, but the front passenger tire went flat, court documents say. 

According to court documents, Bergstrom was driving the car, which law enforcement confirmed was stolen out of St. Paul. 

Inside the car, law enforcement found multiple items relevant to their investigation. A loaded firearm with bullets matching the casing found in the Taco Bell, was found in the car. Money was located in the back of car, along with clothing items that match what Bergstrom was allegedly wearing during the robbery. 

Bergstrom is prohibited from carrying a gun due to prior felony drug convictions. 

Bergstrom has been charged with three counts of aggravated robbery and one count of possessing a firearm illegally. 

Law enforcement says Bergstrom is currently in custody.