Taco Bell robbery suspect arrested hours later: Minnetonka police

Following an early morning robbery of a Taco Bell in Minnetonka, police say they caught the suspect hours after allegedly committing the crime.

Investigators say the man entered the Taco Bell at 15110 Highway 7 around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, and showed a gun that at one point was discharged. No one was reportedly injured.

According to police, the man’s location was tracked throughout the day, and he was later located in Minneapolis that evening. The gun believed to be used in the robbery was also recovered, according to police.

"This rapid resolution, within about six hours of the incident taking place, is a testament to the effectiveness of technology and agency collaboration in our fight against crime," said Minnetonka Deputy Chief of Police Jason Tait in a statement.

The suspect is also currently under investigation by the Eden Prairie Police Department for an attempted armored car robbery, police say.