Minnesota soccer fans in awe of visiting USWNT during Allianz Field game

The fans at Allianz Field Tuesday night for the U.S. Women’s National Team Game all agreed that they find the American team inspiring on and off the field.

Some girls from the Twin Cities got some special opportunities to get up close and personal with some of the best soccer players in the world.

Nearly 20,000 people took to Allianz Field to cheer on the best soccer team in the world. 

The BV United U10 soccer team, from the Burnsville and Apple Valley area was tasked with escorting the players onto the field for the game. 

“They were extremely excited and I don’t even think they will fully understand until they get a little bit older, but I think having that moment where they walk down the tunnel and they get to hold hands and see these people face-to-face, I think it’s going to change their soccer experience for sure,” said Coach Gena Wessel, of the BV United U10 team.

Some of the stars that have made a big impact on the girls around the world didn’t take the field Tuesday, however, with six of them in total sitting out.

One fan, from Wisconsin, said she was a Rose LaVelle fan, so she was “bummed” she wasn’t in the lineup.

“If she gets healthy for the Olympics, we’re chill,” she said of her favorite player sitting out.

“Very disappointing, but also, it gives another opportunity for other players to show what they’ve got too,” said another fan.

Many fans said, just the stars’ presence in Minnesota was enough as the team continues to inspire women in sports and in life.

“They’re huge influencers to like, every girl all around the world and just everything they’ve been doing with equal pay and just on the field is so cool,” said Meredith Burke, of the Park Valley United soccer team.

The team has two more stops on its victory tour.