Minnesota among top 5 states for 'quiet quitting’

(Getty Images)

The "quiet quitting" trend is sweeping the American workforce as employees' mindsets change from putting in extra hours at work to wanting a better work-life balance. And this concept seems to be quite popular in Minnesota. 

The company School Authority collected data from Twitter by tracking more than 220,000 tweets over the past 90 days to come up with the top 10 quiet quitting states, with Minnesota coming in at No. 5. 

Here's the top 10: 

  1. Oregon
  2. Washington
  3. Colorado
  4. Massachusetts
  5. Minnesota
  6. New York
  7. Illinois
  8. Maine
  9. Idaho
  10. Connecticut

The quiet quitting phenomenon is when employees are not leaving their jobs but instead decide to stop going above and beyond, and start doing the bare minimum at work because the payoff isn’t necessarily worth it.

Quiet quitters are now often leaning away from the "hustle culture," which puts work at the center of life, and instead are shifting to the idea of boundaries and a life outside of work. Quiet quitters can also be employees who are choosing to set better boundaries at their job by not working over the weekend or late nights to get something done or answering messages outside of business hours, FOX Business reported.