Minnesota murder suspect mistakenly released from jail captured, court appearance delayed

A Minneapolis murder suspect on the run for more than two years will have to wait until next week for his first court appearance on the case.

Law enforcement finally caught up and captured Kevin Mason Wednesday afternoon, two weeks after jail staff in Indianapolis mistakenly allowed Mason to walk free.

Mason is charged with murder for allegedly gunning down an associate and fellow gang member outside Shiloh Temple in north Minneapolis during a memorial for another man killed in a gunfight, in June 2021.

Mason would take off, eluding authorities for more than two years. That is, until law enforcement arrested him on Sep.11 in Indianapolis. But he was allowed to walk free after a mistake with his Minnesota arrest warrant paperwork.

The U.S. Marshals then took over a significant, sprawling manhunt that focused on Indiana, as well as his familiar turf near his Minnesota home. Federal agents received their big break in South Saint Paul this week when Marshals and local SWAT stealthily descended on a group of apartment buildings along Summit Avenue Wednesday afternoon. After some communication over the phone and loudspeakers, Mason was taken back into custody.

"We look for where they would most feel comfortable based on their past history, their residences, their associates, those types of things because they're looking for that support and their comfort because they know that. And that is exactly what Minnesota was for this individual," U.S. Marshal for the Minnesota District Eddie Frizell told FOX 9’s Paul Blume about how his agents track down wanted fugitives. "So, total team effort. And they have to know wherever they go, they could run, but they cannot hide."

"I can say that we did have this individual's area of interest under observation for a couple of days," added Frizell.

As for Thursday’s postponed court hearing, FOX 9 has learned Mason’s hired defense attorney was not available. Mason’s first appearance is now on the court calendar for Tuesday, October 3 at 11:00 a.m.