Minneapolis police officer allegedly left shift for hook-up

Just a couple of weeks after the Minneapolis Police Department confirmed an investigation into a possible policy violation related to an officer's OnlyFans account, the department is now investigating another officer. This time, it's concerning the officer's activities while on duty.

While we won't name the officer involved, we have verified the authenticity of text messages exchanged between that officer and a woman.

FOX 9 is told this happened last month. The first text appears to show the officer asking for a sexual favor, while in uniform, to which the response is affirmative. A location is given, and pictures are exchanged in the subsequent text.

The third text has the officer stating, "Okay, give me a sec, let's see if I can leave this call," raising major concerns for the MPD as it implies the encounter could have happened while the officer was on duty.

The final text instructs the individual to open the front door, confirming the officer's arrival.

The Minneapolis Police released this statement:

"The Minneapolis Police Department received information from a media inquiry regarding potential officer misconduct. The MPD treats all allegations of misconduct seriously, and Chief O'Hara has ordered an investigation into the matter. The Minnesota Data Practices Act is extremely restrictive and precludes comment on matters of great public interest without creating significant legal risk. As information is deemed public under state law, the Department is committed to sharing that information."

Sources tell FOX 9 that the officer is now on leave, but Minneapolis police would not confirm that information.

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