Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey announces reelection bid

Jacob Frey says he is running for a second term as Mayor of Minneapolis. 

Frey announced his reelection bid Thursday, saying he will hold a campaign kickoff event sometime early this year. 

Frey has focused on three top priorities in his first term as mayor: affordable housing, economic inclusion and public safety, according to a news release. 

"Over the last four years, we’ve confronted opportunity and hardship together," Frey said in a statement. "We’ve cemented our values in policy by building and preserving record levels of affordable housing throughout our city and spearheading new, targeted initiatives that help create a more inclusive economy. We’ve also faced unprecedented challenges and calls for necessary structural change. I look forward to continuing to serve Minneapolis as we move into a new era with a shared commitment to build a more vibrant and just city."

At a virtual "Breakfast with the Mayors" event on Thursday, Frey reflected on the challenges of the last year, which saw the COVID-19 pandemic hit accompanied by an economic downtown as well as the police killing of George Floyd and ensuing civil unrest. 

"There were some dark days in 2020. Let’s be honest. 2020 was awful in so many respects," Frey said. "Yes, we are resilient. Yes, it has to lead to transformation. It was tough nonetheless. There were days and even weeks, you’d get up in the morning and tell yourself some things including that it’s an opportunity to do things differently and better." 

Frey and the City Council have clashed in recent months over how best to reform the Minneapolis Police Department in the wake of Floyd’s death. Councilmembers have called for the police department to be dismantled or defunded, while Frey has said he supports both additional funding for violence intervention initiatives as well as expanding the number of community-based police officers in the city. 

"Public safety has to be at the forefront," Frey said at Thursday’s event. "Every person, every neighborhood deserves to feel safety. [We] need to have it as a foundation. That has to come first."

Frey was first elected mayor in November 2017. Prior to serving as mayor, he represented Ward 3 on the City Council.