Minneapolis City Council passes ordinance changing parking requirements

Cars parked on a street in Minneapolis. (FOX 9)

A new zoning ordinance unanimously approved by the Minneapolis City Council is changing the off-street parking requirements for new developments citywide.

The ordinance eliminates minimum parking requirements and instead sets stricter vehicle parking limits. It's a step in line with the city's 2040 Comprehensive Plan to create a greener environment by reducing reliance on cars.

Promoting alternative travel is key to the ordinance as well. Increased bicycle parking and new Travel Demand Management requirements would apply to more buildings, including those with 50 or more units. TDM would involve developers offering free or reduced transit passes to their tenants and providing shared vehicles.

"As more people are choosing to live without owning a car and are seeking to build, buy or rent housing that may not have off-street car parking provided, it makes no sense for us to continue requiring parking spaces for cars in all new developments," said Council member Cam Gordon, a co-author of the ordinance. "The City has declared a climate emergency, and this ordinance backs that up with concrete action."

The ordinance now awaits final approval from the mayor.