Milk Crate Challenge is fun, but risky

A new social media challenge, "the milk crate challenge," has gone viral, and depending on how daring you are, the danger can be high or low.

With milk crates stacked up at the Lotus restaurant in Minneapolis, co-owner Yoom Nguyen thought he’d offer them up to anyone wanting to step up for the milk crate challenge.

"I watched some videos on YouTube and Facebook, and I saw some funny stuff out there. I took out the garbage and I found a bunch of milk crates and thought, why not?" Nguyen said. 

The viral trend that started on TikTok has crossed over to Instagram and Twitter. There’s really not much to it--stack the crates as high as you dare and give it a shot. But you should know, the success rate seems to be relatively low and many people have gotten injured.

FOX 9's Karen Scullin stacked a few crates in Loring Park, but it was only the squirrels who took up the challenge.

And then Karen tried one.