Maryland Centenarians celebrate 75th wedding anniversary

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A Centenarian couple from Maryland celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary Tuesday at the exact time they were married so many years ago.

Walter and Lisette Kimmel wed in 1940 at Immanuel Lutheran Church in East Baltimore. And 75 years later, the residents and staff at Charlestown Retirement Community in Catonsville, Md.—where the Kimmels now live—gave them a celebration to remember.

At a party held in their honor, Charlestown spokesperson Mel Tansill said the Kimmels celebrated with about 100 of their fellow residents and staff members. There was Big Band music, cake and plenty of reminiscing about times gone by.

The Kimmels first met when they were 22 at Immanuel Lutheran Church. She was an organ player, and he sang in the choir. According to Mr. Kimmel, one day after church, he asked her for their first date.

“It was custom for boys to sit on one side of the church and girls on the other,” Mr. Kimmel said.

The couple says church and music have always been a big part of their lives, whether they are listening to big band music, love songs, or church hymns.

So what is their advice for a long, happy marriage?

“Stay true to each other,” said Mrs. Kimmel. “Be honest with each other and enjoy each other.”

“Be happy with each other every day of your life,” he added.

The Kimmels have two sons, four grandchildren and four great grandchildren.