Maplewood votes to keep Stargate nightclub closed after shootings

The Maplewood City Council voted Wednesday morning to keep Stargate Nightclub closed for the time being after recent shootings brought the club back to the forefront.

At least 5 people were injured after 30-60 shots were fired early Saturday morning at the club. According to Maplewood Police Chief Paul Schnell, the 30 to 60 gunshots were fired by multiple shooters around 1:30 a.m. The injuries are not considered life-threatening.

"An officer says he could hear one of the bullets pass by his ear. It's amazing not more people have been shot in this situation," he said.

Officers were already in the area responding to a previous disturbance nearby when they saw dozens running out of the club.

Before Friday, city leaders were already planning to meet and discuss the club's future at the end of the month, but that meeting was moved up to Wednesday. Local business owners worry the violence will take its toll.

"Obviously this is a massive public safety concern," Chief Schnell said.

The investigation into the weekend shooting remains ongoing, and police are searching for suspects.