Lindow brothers form core of Cannon Falls Bears

Baseball's in the Lindow family blood, and it seemed like destiny that the three brothers would someday take their places on the field at John Burch Park in Cannon Falls as a part of the local Town Ball team.

Their father is the longtime high school baseball coach in town, and Quinton, Carlton and Braxton were all introduced to the game early and often.

"You know I think I've learned the most from three places: church, school and the baseball field," said Carlton Lindow. "Every day we came down [to the baseball field], riding with dad."

Now, instead of coaching the star trio their father watches dutifully from the stands, one pitching, one catching and one prowling centerfield. This is their second year on the team together.

Though the games seem important now, it's surely the moments spent with each other under the lights that will stick in their memories. The Lindows say that's par for the course in Cannon Falls, where the entire Bears team lives within 30 miles of home plate and everyone plays for sole reason that they simply love the game.

"Probably in 20 years I won't remember the games, but I'll remember the people I played with--especially my brothers." Quinton Lindow said. "A lot of teams go get players from everywhere--we're all local and love playing together."