'Lake Chipotle' becomes unlikely attraction in Minneapolis

"Lake Chipotle" is the name bestowed upon a routine puddle in the parking lot of the Chipotle in Uptown. (FOX 9)

A popular Uptown restaurant is getting attention for more than just its food.

If you’ve ever been to Chipotle on Hennepin Avenue, you’ve like driven through the waters of what’s been dubbed "Lake Chipotle" in the parking lot.

With the reflection of orange cones, passing cars, and boney trees, if you know, you know. But Uptown’s best-kept secret is getting out in a big way. Lake Chipotle, formed by a poorly graded parking lot, is all the talk.

"I’ve lived here for three years, and it’s been a running joke with me and my friends for like two years, but I guess everyone has the same joke," said Grace Vieth.

The Mexican grill actually went lakeside all the way back in 2013 but only recently has Lake Chipotle shown up on Google Maps, TikTok, and the watery gem now even has its own website.

FOX 9 contacted LC Tourism for an interview and received a statement, which said in part:

"Exposing secrets can ruin the magic, just as it would with the Easter bunny this coming weekend!
"Tourism at the Lake is managed by one or a team of persons, or maybe several raccoons."
Also adding: "We have no plans to offer guided tours."

We’re told there’s hope the lake will be designated a wetland, but that the most crucial issue is if it will be preserved in the Hennepin Avenue redesign. Uptowners are hoping it stays forever.

"Something dark would be happening in the world if Lake Chipotle dried up," said Vieth. "I’d be concerned."

Restaurant management might be the only one wishing the lake would dry up, but that doesn’t seem likely with it pretty much becoming a year-round attraction now.

"It just creates this big huge it spreads all the way over there, so it gets big, yeah it will fill almost this whole lot," said Chipotle manager Olivia Milligan.
So now, Hennepin Avenue is no longer just a corridor for stores and restaurants like the Pacific Coast Highway. The roadway is now the scenic route through the hustle and bustle of Uptown.