Keith Marler set to return to FOX 9 on Monday

After missing some time due to issues with his inner ear, FOX 9 meteorologist Keith Marler is set to return to the air on Monday.

Keith announced this weekend he will return to our weekday morning shows starting November 23.

"I hooked up some laptops, I strung up some lights, I even got a camera all in place downstairs, and guess what... I'll see you tomorrow," Keith said in a video he posted on Sunday.

Keith will be on-air for the 7 a.m. hour to start as he makes his return.

"Just for an hour, just taking it slow at first," he explained. "One hour at a time to get everything back to the way it should be. But we'll see how that grows, expands and hopefully doesn't have setbacks -- but we'll do our best."

Last month, Keith posted a message explaining his slow return to being on television. You can read that full message here.