Judge Cahill orders names of Chauvin jurors to be made public

The names of the people who served on the jury that convicted Derek Chauvin will be made public, a Hennepin County judge ordered.

The move comes after a media coalition, including FOX 9, filed a motion asking that the names of the jurors be unsealed. 

The opinion, signed Monday by Judge Peter Cahill, will keep the names sealed until November 1. That day the names, of the 14 sworn and alternate jurors. 

"On the present record, this Court cannot assay any strong reason to believe the jurors continue to need protection from any external threats to their safety at this point, four months after this Court’s sentencing of Chauvin, or that there is a substantial likelihood that making the prospective and impaneled jurors' names public information will interfere with the fair and impartial administration of justice," Judge Cahill wrote.

Additionally on November 1, the questionnaires the 109 people considered for the jury filled out will also be made public as will the verdict form signed by the jury foreperson. 

Derek Chauvin was convicted in April of the murder of the murder of George Floyd. Prosecutors argued that Chauvin had caused Floyd's death by kneeling on his neck for too long and failing to follow police procedures. Last month, Chauvin filed an appeal.