Hennepin History Museum featuring new exhibit from unique perspectives

For a local artist, photography is the tie that binds three generations of Black men together. 

Daren Hill grew up in south Minneapolis. His latest exhibit is called the "The Bond Between Us" and it’s inspired by the work of his dad and late grandfather.

A new exhibit at the Hennepin History Museum features photographs and digital art captured from the lens of three Black men in Minnesota. 

"I want it to be a celebration of everyday life," said Daren Hill during an interview with Fox 9 at the Hennepin History Museum. "I’ve been sitting on my grandfather’s work for so long. I’ve been sorting it, trying to like save, and I was like it would really be cool if I could explore this kind of bond that we all have."

The photos, some of which feature civil rights icons Jesse Jackson and Angela Davis were taken by Hill's late grandfather Forrest.  

"It’s kind of amazing to know that he was like a part of all of this history, but never really got a chance to show it to the world, and it had just been sitting in bins for 20 plus years," said Hill. His father Gregory captured images of nature's landscapes. 

It's a body of work that binds three generations together and led Hill on a path of self-discovery. 

"Being bi-racial you always have these questions like where do I fit in?," Hill said.

The exhibit opened Thursday and will be on display until next spring.

"It’s kind of my thank you to them. Everything that they had to go through and been through allowed me to be in the present today," said Hill

An artist talk featuring Hill will take place on Saturday, April 14, at 11 a.m.