Groups help Minnesota's elderly and vulnerable struggling to get groceries

The elderly and vulnerable are all still advised to stay home and away from loved ones, and with limited freedoms during the pandemic, some are now struggling to get what they need day to day.

Now, many people and businesses are jumping in to help.

Grocery stores like Lunds & Byerly’s and Cub have already dedicated exclusive hours for the elderly and vulnerable to shop without the rest of the public.

However, one Minnesota woman said with the limited resources in her area, she’s having a hard time getting the things she needs. 

Regina Holland just can’t seem to place her order to get her groceries from the Monticello Walmart.  

“There is no availably for the next 7 days at this location, try another location,” she explained.

She’s tried and run into the same issues over and over again. While she’s not sure why she’s getting the message, she knows she’s no longer able to run out and get those things like she used to.

“I’m a very independent person,” she said.

But, she’s been advised to stay at home to avoid putting herself at risk – and she’s not alone.

“The everyday routine of coming to Whitney Senior Center, or any other activity that seniors were involved in, has changed drastically,” said Laura Hood, Aging Services Director of the City of St. Cloud.

Many are directed to their local senior center or churches in the area, but experts say there are so many places to find that help. 

“While this is a trying time, it’s also so encouraging when we see the outreach of support by the community as a whole coming out to support each other. It truly is Minnesota nice at its best,” said Lori Vrolson.

During this time, residents are reminded to use the Senior Linkage Line, a service of the Minnesota Board on Aging. That number is 1-800-333-2433.

If you call the number, you’ll be directed to a representative in your area who can help you get the information you need.

Meanwhile, Meals on Wheels is also looking for more volunteers. For more information, click here.