Gold Star mother biking across US, meeting other families of fallen heroes

There's nothing like hugging your own child. For many, it's pure bliss, but for Kaye Jordan, it's something she can never do again.

Jordan was robbed of that joy seven years ago when her son, Austin Garrett Staggs, was killed in action.

After losing Austin, Jordan became a "Gold Star Family" member.

Think of it as the only club that never wants anyone to join because in order to gain the title, you have to lose a piece of your heart.

Austin was a fiercely proud American who paid the ultimate sacrifice. That's why Jordan says she refuses to let the legacy of her son or any other service member be forgotten.

As a part of 'Legacies Alive,' Jordan is biking across the country her son loved so much to meet with other Gold Star Families to let them know they're not alone. And that their deceased loved ones remain very much alive in memory.

Jordan is two weeks into her expected five month trip that will take her from San Diego to New York where she'll end at Ground Zero. However, she says it's not so much the destination, but rather the journey that is so healing.

And even though she can't wrap her arms around him, her son is still here.