'Go on, Bubs': California sergeant shoos away bear eating garbage in Dumpster

Sheriff’s deputies in Placer County came to the rescue of a bear that got trapped in a Dumpster at the Northstar Ski Resort.

The sheriff's department captured the Wednesday morning rescue on video, showing a sergeant with a flashlight in hand climbing on top of the Dumpster in Truckee, Calif. to open one of the container's doors.


The bear then pokes its head and massive paws out of the Dumpster but doesn't leave right away. 
“Go on, Bubs,” Sgt. Don Nevins urges. “Go on, it’s OK. Good boy. Good boy. Stay out of the garbage now. Go on.” 

After a few moments, the bear finally leaps from the dumpster and walks away. 

“He’s got some big paws,” Nevins said, as the bear lumbered off.