Girl uses fishing rod to deliver birthday gift to friend amid COVID-19 pandemic

One Wisconsin girl reeled in some generous birthday love from her close friend during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sara King’s daughter Macy wouldn’t be celebrating her birthday in the standard fashion in late March. Broader social distancing guidelines have made it nearly impossible for teens like Sara to hold celebratory events with large groups of people.

King reached out to Macy’s friends so they could conduct a hilarious drive-by birthday gift delivery while the family was outside.

In a Facebook video that shows the hilarious gift-off, Macy’s pal Ella pulls up in a black SUV, stands through the sunroof, and uses a fishing rod to deliver the item.

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“This quarantine ain’t got nothing on turning Fifteen!!” King wrote on Instagram.

“Omg... This is awesome. Such friendship!!” commented one Facebook user.

King and crew aren’t the only ones who are still finding ways to stay positive amid the pandemic. Across the world, Israelis sang Passover songs cheerfully from their balconies.