Garden Guy: Tips for planting a container garden this spring

Gardening season is here, and anyone can have a container garden to show off their green thumb. 

There is a bit of technique when it comes to container gardening. And FOX 9's Garden Guy Dale K breaks it down so everyone can have success. 

You'll need a pot, container, or some type of vessel to hold your plants. Whatever you may use, make sure it has a drainage hole in the bottom — it's vitally important to growing healthy plants. 

It's also important to have good potting soil. Dale K says, "The better the soil, the greener the thumb," so make sure you get a good-quality potting soil. And add a slow-release fertilizer to the soil — mix it in so the fertilizer is down in the root zone of the pot before you plant. You can also use a water-soluble fertilizer about once a month on your plants that will help ensure your blooms are really intense. 

When choosing what plants to go into your container garden, there's a simple rule of thumb: you want a thriller in the middle or toward the back. It's usually taller, and you can get it architecturally with different types of rod iron or taller plants. Then add a mounding type of plant, such as geraniums or lantanas, in around the thriller. Then, add in your spiller plant or your vining plants.

It's important to remember to give your plants a little trim around July 4, that way the plants won't get too leggy and your flowers won't get too weedy.  

If you have anything from last year, always replace the potting soil. 

For more of Garden Guy's Dale K's tips, watch the video above.