From firefighters to movers, workers brave the bitter elements

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While businesses and government are shuttering in the face of extreme cold, not all are getting the day off. In fact, plenty of people have to be outside in it.

The end of the month is always the busiest time for movers.

“Not the best day to move, but gotta do, what you gotta do,” said Bailey of College Muscle Movers. “People got to be out end of the month.”

A move can’t wait just because the weather didn’t cooperate.

UPS drivers were in the same boat with no change in their delivery schedule Tuesday and pizza delivery workers were even busier than normal.

“It’s one of those nights where I’m definitely leaving my car running all night long,” said Christian Hesser, a pizza delivery worker.

For firefighters, this weather is all about strategic planning.

“We tell ‘em in this kind of weather, make sure you wear an extra pair of socks because that’s where they really get cold is their feet,” said Hopkins Fire Chief Dale Specken.

When the call comes in, the Hopkins Fire Chief requests support from surrounding cities, so crews can rotate out of the cold.

“Usually it’s about a 15-minute rotation, we’ll rotate them out, we’ll get them warm, we may put them in trucks to keep them warm,” said Chief Specken,

While even the office workers have to brave the cold for the commute home, those working outside have just one thing to say to them.

“I wish I was you, all bundled up with some hot chocolate, gee that'd be nice," said Bailey.