Firefighters rescue puppy trapped in ceiling of Plymouth, Minnesota home

Plymouth firefighters rescued a tiny puppy that was trapped in the ceiling of a home. (City of Plymouth / FOX 9)

Firefighters in Plymouth, Minnesota used a thermal imaging camera Wednesday night to find a small puppy trapped in the ceiling of a home. 

The puppy had found a small access area and decided to start exploring, according to the Plymouth Fire Department. The homeowners called 911 after hearing him in the ceiling between the first and second floors.

Firefighters responded, but they found it difficult to pinpoint the dog’s location, so one firefighter suggested using a thermal imaging camera to locate him. 

The puppy put out enough heat to been seen on the camera, so firefighters were able to create an opening in the ceiling and rescue him. The puppy was not hurt.

"We were told the dog was in the bathroom upstairs prior to arrival, and when we got there they actually took us into the kitchen which created some confusion right from the start," explained Plymouth Fire Battalion Chief Tom Evenson.

According to the fire crew, the puppy snuck his way into the walls through a missing panel in the bathroom. The crews couldn’t see the little guy but they could hear him.

"The whining, although it was hard to tell where it was coming from, it gave us an idea of where that puppy may be at," said firefighter John Lonsbury.

Using the imager, they were able to detect the heat given off by the pup.

"Because the puppy was laying on the sheetrock on the top side, the heat from that puppy laying there actually transferred into the sheetrock," explained Evenson.

Firefighters rescue puppy from ceiling

A tiny puppy was exploring his house Wednesday night when he became trapped in the ceiling. (City of Plymouth / FOX 9)

After locating the dog, they were able to make a small hole and pull the little guy out.

"As soon as I reached up there I felt a little furry, a furball and I think he was happy to come out and he was shaking," he explained.

And now, the puppy might have found a new home as the owners search for families to take in their new litter.

"That was the one boy of the litter and he is the naughty one and he tried to get out of the house so I think he’s perfect for us," said Evenson.