Ex-Minneapolis officer sentenced for assault of Jaleel Stallings

Justin Stetson (FOX 9)

The ex-Minneapolis police officer, who pled guilty to charges in the beating of Jaleel Stallings, was sentenced on Monday.

Justin Stetson will serve 15 days in a county workhouse and two years of probation for repeatedly striking Stallings after he surrendered to officers after Stallings mistakenly returned fire at police in 2020. The incident occurred in the days following the death of George Floyd, as a curfew was put in place to stem rioting.

Stetson will also pay $3,000 in fines and can't seek employment as a police officer.

Stallings was in a parking lot along Lake Street when officers fired less-lethal ammo at his group. Stallings, who says he didn't realize he was being shot at by police officers, fired shots toward the unmarked police van.

Once he realized it was Minneapolis police, Stallings tossed his handgun and dropped to the ground. However, body camera video captured Justin Stetson repeatedly striking Stallings on the ground, even after being told to stop by his sergeant.

Stallings was charged for the incident but ultimately acquitted on all counts by a jury. After being cleared by a jury, Stallings sued the city for the assault and received a $1.5 million settlement.

Stallings spoke out against the plea agreement in court on Monday.