Edith's House helps people experiencing homelessness find a place to call home

(FOX 9)

In a five-bedroom house in North Minneapolis, Edith Perlin is realizing her dream of housing people experiencing homelessness.

"I really feel honored. I am always grateful to be able to serve people like me," said Perlin.

Perlin became homeless herself after fleeing from an abusive relationship in Chicago in the early 90s. She ended up living on the streets in Minneapolis, where she battled drug addiction and lost custody of her three children.

"Very hard. Every day just wondering what the next day would bring. If I would make it through the day. I had some suicide moments," said Perlin.

After serving 13 years in federal prison, Perlin, who is now clean, got the idea for Edith's House, where she could help others experiencing homelessness like she had.

She says since the shelter opened its doors 2 years ago, it's helped more than 200 people find a place to stay, a job and treatment for drug addiction and mental health issues.

"I get them off the streets, out of jail, from the shelter. I bring them in. I have a conversation with them. Discover what the need is. Navigate them through the system," said Perlin.

"It's my mission. It’s my lifestyle. It's my part-time. The homeless community, I love those people."

Perlin eventually wants to raise about $6 million to open a 30-bed shelter somewhere along West Broadway Ave, where she used to hang out when she was homeless and hopefully make a difference in her community.

"Make the community a better place to live, to grow our culture, our race," said Perlin.