Downtown Osceola store fills window front with photos of graduating seniors

The store front at The Looking Glass in downtown Osceola is now full of photos of the graduating high school class. (Rebecca Bystrom)

A western Wisconsin community is coming together to honor its high school seniors amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Due to COVID-19, many class traditions, such as prom and graduation ceremonies, have been canceled, postponed or shifted online. Gwen Wright owns The Looking Glass store in Osceola and has twin daughters, who are seniors at Osceola High School. Wright wanted make sure the Class of 2020 would still be honored.

"We've grown up with these kids and the whole class and they have been through some tough goes," said Wright.

Wright teamed up with Becky Bystrom of TellaStory Photography to fill The Looking Glass window front in downtown Osceola with photos of all 120 graduating seniors at Osceola High. The two started a donation campaign on Facebook to fundraise the $1,500 needed to make the hardwood prints. Within a day, they had received more than enough to bring the project to life.

"We were crying while putting [the prints up], it’s been very emotional," said Wright.

This display went up on Tuesday. People can also leave messages in a red mailbox, which will then be added to the window. Wright says they are planning to give the prints to each student after the display comes down.

"This senior class, our whole community is so much more than just this COVID," said Wright.

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