Minneapolis Public School board approves settlement for family of slain North High quarterback

A Minneapolis Public Schools board approved a settlement on Tuesday for the family of former North High quarterback Deshaun Hill, who was killed in a shooting last February that came after Hill left school during a walkout.

In a vote Tuesday night, a board approved a $500,000 settlement.

Hill was fatally shot while walking home from school in the area of Penn Avenue and Golden Valley Road, in the city's Willard-Hay neighborhood.

The same day Hill was shot, North Principal Mauri Friestleben joined a walkout with students in protest of the police killing of Amir Locke. Hill didn't take part in the walkout rally, but left school with the other students.

Friestleben was put on leave after the incident, but the decision was later reversed and she was reinstated as principal.

According to a statement provided by MPS on Monday, "The family of Deshaun Hill, Jr. asserted claims against Minneapolis Public Schools arising out of his tragic death. While the school district denied all liability, it reached a settlement with the family… The senseless murder of Deshaun Hill will always be the ultimate tragedy. We hold his family and close friends in our hearts and always will."

Cody Fohrenkam is charged with second-degree murder in Hill's death, and is set to go to trial later this month. Police say he shot Hill after Hill accidentally bumped into him on the street.