Crews using heavy equipment to break up ice jam on creek in Jordan, Minn.

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Crews in Jordan, Minnesota are using heavy equipment to break up a massive ice jam on Sand Creek that flooded a nearby trailer park twice in the last week. 

Last Thursday, an ice jam that formed on Sand Creek caused the creek to exceed its banks and spill into Valley Green Park, a trailer park that contains about 300 homes. About 145 homes were evacuated.

The water level of the creek rose again on Sunday, flooding the neighborhood for a second time. 
The ice jam begins downstream from Jordan and extends over one mile long back into the city, according to police. 

Overnight Sunday and all day Monday, crews worked to remove the ice. They were able create a channel on the creek to for the water to drain around the ice jam and out into the nearby wetland, relieving enough pressure on the creek to stop it from overflowing into the trailer park. 

As of Monday afternoon, water levels have dropped at least a foot. If conditions and water level improvements remain stead, the public works department hopes to begin pumping water out of the trailer park by Tuesday morning. 

An evacuation order remains in effect and travel in and out of the area is not advised at this time. The Jordan Police Department said it would not remove anyone who chooses to remain in their home. 

Thirteen people and 10 pets remain in a temporary emergency shelter, according to the Scott County Sheriff’s Office.