COVID-19 Vaccine Connector will alert Minnesotans when they're eligible for vaccine

A health care worker prepares to administer the COVID-19 vaccine. (FOX 9)

Minnesota is launching a new vaccination website to help people find out when, where and how to get their COVID-19 vaccine. 

Minnesotans who have not yet been vaccinated are encouraged to sign up for the COVID-19 Vaccine Connector, regardless of their current vaccine eligibility status. There is no cost and no deadline for signing up. 

After you fill out a simple form, the Vaccine Connector will alert you when you are eligible to receive a vaccine, connect you to resources to schedule a vaccine appointment and notify you if there are vaccine opportunities in your area.

Minnesotans can sign up at Minnesotans unable to sign up online can call 833-431-2053 for assistance signing up over the phone. Translation is available by phone in all languages by calling the translation hotline at 833-431-2053. 

Who should sign up for the Vaccine Connector? 

Any Minnesotan who has not yet been vaccinated should sign up for the Vaccine Connector. Whether you are eligible for a vaccine now or later—the Vaccine Connector will notify you when you it’s your turn for a shot.

You do not need to sign up if you have already received your COVID-19 vaccine. 

Adults age 65 and older who already registered through either the COVID-19 Vaccine Pilot Program or the COVID-19 Community Vaccination Program are already on the Vaccine Connector list and do not need to resubmit their information. 

When adults 65+ sign up for the Vaccine Connector, they will immediately be entered into the random selection process for the state’s Community Vaccination Program sites operating in Minneapolis, Duluth, and Rochester. If they are selected to receive their vaccine at one of these sites, they will be notified by text, email, or landline by the company that runs those sites, Vault Health.

Educators and child care providers who already completed the Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccine – Education and Child Care survey do not need to complete the Vaccine Connector form or re-submit their information. They will continue to hear from their local public health agency, employer, state-sponsored community vaccination site or state vaccination partner about when and where they can get vaccinated.

What information do I need to provide to sign up? 

Minnesotans will provide basic information to sign up for the Vaccine Connector such as contact information, demographic data, medical history and employment to determine their eligibility based on state guidelines. 

The form also includes questions about gender identity, sexual orientation, race, cultural identification and disabilities to help the state track and measure equity and fairness throughout the vaccine distribution process. These questions do have the option to select "prefer not to answer" or "none of the above," and selecting these answers will not prevent you from signing up for the Vaccine Connector.

What happens after I sign up? 

The Vaccine Connector will send you updates about your COVID-19 vaccine eligibility as vaccine supply increases in the weeks and months ahead.

The website will alert you when you are eligible to receive a vaccine, connect you to resources to schedule a vaccine appointment and notify you if there are vaccine opportunities in your area.

If you are eligible to get vaccinated right now, you do not have to wait for information from the Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccine Connector before you get your shot. If your health care provider or employer contacts you about making an appointment, or if you have another opportunity to get vaccinated, state health officials say can and should do that.