Champlin Park HS visitors 'will notice a change' after bathroom sex incident

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Photo Courtesy: Brooklyn Park Jail

The principal of Champlin Park High School says visitors to the Brooklyn Park, Minnesota campus “will notice a change moving forward” after police arrested a man Wednesday who entered the school for a pre-arranged sexual encounter with a student.

According to police, the 42-year-old man, identified as David Manito of New Hope, and the student are believed to have engaged in sexual acts in a school bathroom. Manito was arrested for criminal sexual conduct and is currently being detained at the Brooklyn Park Jail.

Brooklyn Park police responded to Champlin Park High School on a report of a suspicious incident at 12 p.m. Wednesday. School staff was alerted by a student that a suspicious man was in the school. Staff followed the man out of the school and detained him until officers arrived at the scene.

Among those shocked by what apparently happened inside the school are the two students who walked in on it. The students told Fox 9 they heard something strange in a stall of a boys bathroom. They took out their phones to record, assuming it was a couple of students – that’s when they realized an adult man was in the stall with a teen, taking part in a sex act.

From there, the witnesses ran through the hallway, yelling to anyone who would listen. The school district said the suspect was followed out of the building and detained by school staff until officers arrived. Meanwhile, other students captured a photo of the arrest and shared it on Snapchat.
It was later learned by the district that man walked in the main front doors and that the student and suspect collaborated to meet, "going so far as being deceptive with their intention."

About 3,000 students attend Champlin Park High School.

Message from Principal Mike George (March 9)

As you know, we had an incident here at school yesterday involving a man who had no connection to the school. I wanted to give you an update about the incident, and what we're doing as a follow up.

First, I know I speak on behalf of our entire CPHS family when I say thank you for your support and encouragement.

That said, I know there are questions and concerns. As a parent of children in our school district, one who will be joining the CPHS family next year, I understand how you feel.

Due to privacy laws related to student data, and because the incident is a law enforcement matter with an ongoing investigation, there's only so much I can discuss. What I can share is our preliminary investigation has determined a student and the suspect collaborated to meet, and were deceptive with their intention regarding the purpose of the suspect’s visit.

If you've entered our school during the school day, you know that we have very specific security measures in place. The reason they are is because we’re serious about protecting the safety and security of our CPHS family.

Visitors to the school, whether they’re parents and guardians or members of the community, cannot access the building without checking in and stating the purpose of their visit. This standard remains in place. In response to what we’ve learned from yesterday’s events, visitors may be escorted to their designated location. We’ll try to maintain our family-friendly feel, however visitors will notice a change moving forward. We’ll also be reviewing our long-term security measures with our partners from the Brooklyn Park Police Department to identify the need for any additional actions. 

 Anoka-Hennepin School District statement (March 8)

"What this incident has shown is that the student and suspect collaborated to meet, going so far as being deceptive with their intention. A security plan is in place at Champlin Park High School. After this incident, we are increasing our protocols to ensure visitors get to their approved destination.

"School administration will work cooperatively with Brooklyn Park Police to review and adjust additional security procedures as determined through that review."